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Face coverings at City Hall

By June 18, 2020No Comments


The city has received the face coverings that the county distributed, from the state. We have a lot of them. However, they are “face coverings”, not “face masks”. That latest nomenclature has been devised to distinguish the difference of coverings versus KN95 medical type masks.

We have approximately 1500 coverings, most individually wrapped. There is a box or two on the counter at City Hall, some in the downstairs break room and the rest in storage in the council chambers.

These face coverings are first and foremost, for the city’s use for staff, crew AND their families. Please take what you need. The rest will be used to supply citizens, business owners and visitors that may find themselves needing some because they can’t find any. Those in need will, hopefully, call City Hall to see if we have any. Staff should make an appointment (roughly) for one person to come in the back door and announce their arrival for pick-up, without going directly into the main office are. One staff person can then don a face covering themselves and help the person.

If any of you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call.

Thanks All,
Robert Gambino, Mayor, City of Depoe Bay