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Visit Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint. Panoramic views of surf, whales, and sea birds.

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There’s so much to do in Depoe Bay we often hear first time visitors say “We had no idea, we wish we would have planned to stay longer!” Since it’s located on the Pacific, our beautiful plentiful ocean is the most prominent attraction as you enter our small town. If getting sprayed by awe and fun-inspiring Spouting Horn isn’t exhilarating enough, join one of our many fishing charters or whale watching trips. Trying your hand at pulling crab pots can be a fun and tasty addition to a charter boat trip. These unique experiences create lasting memories and certainly a lot of fish stories. Rockfish and ling cod are offered year-round, while salmon, halibut, tuna and crab are seasonal.

Be sure not to miss the world’s smallest (navigable) harbor. You can either look down on the quaint marina from Depoe Bay’s historic bridge (circa 1927) or from several nearby restaurants. Better yet, take a short stroll or quick drive down Bay Street to experience the harbor close-up. You’ll enjoy the sights, sounds and yes, smells of this small busy port. You’ll be able to check-out today’s catch coming in on commercial and recreational boats. You can also gather some local knowledge via a tour of the US Coast Guard training station, historical interpretive markers and an Oregon Film Trail sign commemorating the filming of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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Visit Depoe Bay and the great selection of professional, personal, whale tours dedicated to making your Oregon Whale Watching Tour an experience of a lifetime.

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Storm Watching in Depoe Bay

Unlike beach towns built on sandy shores, Depoe Bay is perched atop the rocky cliffs of the north-central coastline, where waves spray through the town's famous spouting horn, and crash magnificently against (sometimes up and over) a towering sea wall in town. Be sure to dress in water-proof everything, or else be prepared to get wet.

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Quick walk through Oregon moss covered trees, beautiful stream, and king's table. Very cool.

Depoe Bay also offers many land-based activities with our City Park, complete with a sea creature themed playground, a gazebo, covered picnic tables and forested hiking trails. The park and trails can be accessed from either side of the harbor with free parking. There’s a wooden foot bridge that connects the park to the harbor.

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From a splashing sea wall to a world famous harbor, there’s lots to do in Depoe Bay including whale sightings and fishing charters. In the winter, storm-watching is a highlight not to be missed.